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Employers: Industrial Service Solutions 

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Industrial Service Solutions has 45 locations across the United States headquartered in Houston, Texas. The CEO is Wade Stockstill. ISS is in the business of selling industrial products and services. Specifically, ISS sells products such as valve parts, compressed air, compressor parts, and lubricants under dozens of top brand names such as ABAC, Atlas Copco, BroomWade, and Ingersoll Rand. Services sold include process equipment services, rotating equipment services, and inspection services.

I was recently hired to work at the Camp Hill, Pennsylvania location as a Service Desk Analyst on the company Service Desk. The Service Desk operates under a three-tier structure. I will be working the first tier and applying my advanced knowledge of hardware, software, and networking to resolve customer issues via remote support. Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems are a must know for this job. The job entails an eight week on-call rotation. Priorities include meeting SLAs and responding to service requests in a timely fashion.

ISS can be found on LinkedIn and the company website is www.iss-na.com with a link to the online purchasing website at www.eindustrialsolutions.com. You can register on this website to purchase products and services directly online. The current motto for ISS is "Full Service for the Full Life-Cycle".

Employers: Stay-At-Home Dad 

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My daughter Rose Therese Fry was born January 9, 2022. She is nearly two and a half years old now and a huge blessing in my life. She has curly brown hair and brown eyes and is just learning to talk. We are in the process of potty training her right now, which has been a challenge. Her favorite foods are mangerine oranges, yogurt and apple sauce pouches, McDonalds chicken nuggets, and JUICE!, JUICE!, and more JUICE!

It has been my family responsibility to take care of and watch Rose while my wife works as a nurse at Hershey Medical Center. I prepare meals for Rose, give her baths, change her diapers, put her down for naps, and just have fun with her! We do many things together. We go to the park, visit my mom, visit my grandmother, take our dog Dunkin for walks, go to the grocery store together, participate in Zumbini classes at OmBaby of Camp Hill, PA, watch many movies on Disney+, watch many YouTube videos of Miss Rachel, and frequent Where the Wild Things Play in Hershey, PA. She is by far the best job I have had throughout my career, but with a second child on the way, it is time to get back to work.

I will truly miss watching Rose as a stay at home dad. She fills my life with happiness and joy. I will miss hearing the word Dada as often as I do being at home with her all day. I will miss the cuddling on the couch together. I will miss her smiles and laughs. Yes, I will miss everything a stay at home dad gets to benefit from when watchting their toddler full time.

Employers: Essintial Enterprise Solutions 

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Essintial is an independent third-party services firm, delivering customizable and comprehensive IT support solutions including maintenance services, logistics, repair, and project management. Essintial delivers solutions to Enterprise clients that meet their unique and individualized demands. Essintial has mobile field technicians throughout the country who have the ability to provide all required systems support, delivering an optimal experience for end-customers. They manage entire asset infrastructure, from installation and configuration of systems to future field services support for the whole organization. 24/7 service desk is a single point of contact (SPOC) for incident management, break fix dispatch and store/site installation support. (source: essintial.com)

As a field technician for Essintial, I serviced the hardware and IT systems of many Rite Aid stores. Rite Aid is a pharmacy and drugstore with many store locations in central Pennsylvania. Each store is equipped with a managers hub that contains the most essential IT hardware including: a server, a switch, a managers PC, a network printer, APC battery units, zebra gun stations, and an amino device. Other hardware outside the manager closet includes a VRU, POS register computers, photo kiosks, routers for the photo kiosks, a Western Union machine, and an amplifier. Pharmacy hours often differed from store hours and each store had a lead pharmacist and a front end manager. Periodical maintenance of the store hardware had to be done on a frequent basis in four hour windows which required a lot of air dusting of PC hardware.

Employers: PHEAA 

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AES was created to guarantee and service a variety of Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) and private (alternative) student loan products for lending partners throughout the nation. AES is a national leader in providing quality customer service to millions of student loan borrowers through its highly trained and experienced customer service representatives. (source: pheaa.org)

During the proliferation of Windows 10, PHEAA hired me to help with the migration of this operating system to its users using a three step process: (1) Discovery (2) Custom Applications and (3) Distribution. Myself and two other contractors fufilled the duties of this task for several hundred laptops. Much of the work needed to be done in the BIOS settings of the computers. We used switches to upload the new system via ethernet cables sometimes five computers at a time.

Employers: Highmark Health Solutions 

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Highmark Health Solutions is the IT services diversified business of Highmark company. I worked on the Performance and Availability Management team (PAM). One of the responsibilities of the PAM team is to measure response time and availability of applications used by the company.

Scripts are written to run against these applications in a program called ITCAM. If a script breaks, the user knows there is a problem with the performance of the application. Both myself and the developers were notified when ITCAM scripts would break. Usually, if the script was written correctly, that meant the problem was on the developer end.

Often times internal applications would be set up to change coding over evenings and weekends, and I would have to turn off the scripts running against them during these times to prevent an overload of ITCAM script breakage notifications. ITCAM is an IBM product. One of the additional tools I used during this job was SOAP.

Employers: Office of Attorney General 

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When I worked at OAG, democrat Josh Shapiro was attorney general for Pennsylvania. The term length for the attorney general is four years appointed by popular vote. This person is considered chief law enforcement officer of the state.

A windows 10 migration was under way during my contract with this office. I spent much of my time in the data center preparing laptops for this migration. I also serviced the Helpdesk via Dell Kace ticketing system but was primarily in a Desktop Support role.

Swapping hard drives of internal employees of the company was a common fix for various PC issues. Putting a fresh image on an unused or formatted hard drive and physically making a hard drive replacement at the employee workstation consumed much of my time during the work day.

Employers: Rite Aid 

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Rite Aid field system support FSS is the helpdesk for Rite Aid stores. I worked at Rite Aid FSS in a Tier 1 Helpdesk mainly troublshooting POS systems. We used applications like Bomgar to troubleshoot. A knowledgebase was in place to assist with reoccuring problems.

FSS was located on Simpson Ferry road in Mechanicsburg, PA when I worked for this company, but that location, I believe, has been outsourced to India. The ticketing system we used when I was working there was ServiceNow. A second and third tier was in place for issues that could not be resolved at Tier 1.

We often remoted into the POS PCS to resolve isssues that could be fixed in the windows device manager. We also supported the stores servers and switches. Printing issues were very common and we often coordinated with Dell and Lexmark field techicians to work on the printers physical hardware. When a printer needed to be disassembled and have internal parts replaced, a field technician was dispatched.

Employers: Prelude Services 

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Prelude Services is a company based out of Mechanicsburg, PA that delivers IT solutions to improve client productivity, enable growth, and strengthen cybersecurity. Its primary client base is retirement homes across the United States. I worked on the service desk for Prelude. This was a Tier 1 position, but I took up to 50 calls a day. Most of the time I worked with the staff at these retirement homes fixing their IT issues but sometimes worked with the residents themselves. It took great diligence and patience to work with the residents due to the fact they were not very technical.

We used ServiceNow as a ticketing system and other tools like GoToAssist to remote into client machines. Active Directory was a tool I used extensively to unlock user accounts and reset passwords. I also routed tickets to other teams at Prelude including systems administration, operations, and Desktop Support. Mapping network drives, troubleshooting printers remotely, and fixing networking issues was some of my common duties on tier 1. Prelude was great Helpdesk experience. There was an on-call component to the job as well which required I participate in an on-call rotation to work evenings, nights, and weekends from home servicing clients remotely with a company laptop and company iPhone.

Employers: Randstad Technologies 

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Randstad was formerly known as Technisource. When I worked for Technisource, it was my first job out of collge and was a Helpdesk position. Our client was the state department of Labor and Industry (LINKS). We had a knowledgebase we referred to as the Brain to assist with troubleshooting. The Brain was a robust tool that contained nearly 90 percent of all troubleshooting steps for the calls that came in.

BMC Remedy was the ticketing system at the time. Active Directory, Contact Center Anywhere (CCA), and the LINKS mainframe were the tools I used to resolve issues. After leaving LINKS for a short while, I came back to the company when it became known as Randstad Technologies. This time, I worked for Castle Metals as a client. The ticket volume for this client was less, but the work was more technical as most issues did not have knowledgebase information. I left Randstad in this role to work for Prelude Services due to an increase in pay and benefits.