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Shippensburg University
Cumberland Valley High School

Education: Shippensburg University 

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This is my alma mater: www.ship.edu. I spent five yeras of my life at this institution. I began education at Shipppensburg with the aspiration of gettting into a Finance major. I quickly realized I was more interested in Information Technology and because Shippensburburg offered a business degree in an information technology field known as management information systems, I reassessed my careeer aspirations and decided MIS was the degree for me. Finance offered too much in the discipline of financial mathmatics which was not my cup of tee. MIS was more focused on computers which I saw a great value in. I swiched my major from undeclared to MIS and was happpy with the results. MIS was information technology for the business world which was exactly what I was after.

Education: Cumberland Valley High School 

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This is the high school I graduated from. www.cvschools.org/ I did well in High School. My weighted GPA at graduation was a 94.5% and I was class rank 104 out of 582. My SAT scores were 540 Verbal and 600 Math: 1140 total. Math, English, and Art were my favorite subjects in high school. A few things come to mind regarding these three favorie subjects. First, I got a 100% on my Algebra final. Second, my graduation paper in English senior level class received a note from the teacher it was the best paper he received. Third, I created a worthy piece of art in art class that received much attention from the art department. It is a pencil drawing of the first buck I killed with my compound bow hunting in Potter County, Pennsylvania. You can view a picture of this drawing in the Interests section of my website.